Revolutionary Technology in Sludge Management

Biodegradable Organic Waste Management

MW-AOP technology is being used as part of renewable energy projects, converting organics into renewable natural gas. MW-AOP breaks up the biodegradable organic waste allowing for higher recovery of gas. In addition, opportunity to process food waste along-side biosolids in a renewable energy facility dramatically increases the available feedstock for such facilities.

Solutions for Biodegradable Waste

  • Lower the volumes (40-50%) of disposable sludge 
  • Improve sludge, biodegradability for enhanced energy (biogas/methane) production and recovery 
  • Savings from: increased biogas yield, reduced sludge off-site hauling costs, reduced use of chemicals for dewatering 
  • Overall, lower operational and maintenance costs 
  • GHG credits 
  • Pathogen free, disposable sludge 
  • Reduce your carbon footprint 

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