Revolutionary Technology in Sludge Management

Zero Sludge Technology

The process is a patented technology for treatment of organic slurries such as sewage sludge, manure and food waste. It is a microwave enhanced advanced oxidation process (MW-AOP) that combines microwave irradiation and a key oxidant, to effectively disintegrate solids, release nutrients for further recovery and provide an ideal feed stream for accelerated anaerobic digestions and methane production. 

MW-AOP is a simpler, more efficient and cost-effective process than other processes for sludge and organic slurry reduction. The MW-AOP operates at significantly lower costs, compared to standard marketable technologies like thermo hydrolyses, Fenton processes, and chemical sludge destruction. The key differentiators are: 

1) A significantly reduced volume of biosolids; 

2) Higher rates of methane and subsequent energy production, concurrent with reduced digester hydraulic retention times and a significantly smaller reactor footprint (1/2 to 1/3 of a conventional digester); and 

3) Significant greenhouse gas reduction and renewable gas generation can also be achieved by combining this technology with a proven anaerobic digestion process. 

This innovative technology will enhance the competitiveness and sustainability of municipal wastewater and animal farming industries (e.g., dairy and swine wastes) and commercial organic based industries (e.g., food processing). 


Advantages of MW-AOP System: 

  • Small footprint 
  • Simple design and operation 
  • Expandable – modular  
  • Easy to retrofit in an existing facility 
  • Relatively low operating temperatures (90–120ºC) and pressures 
  • Short heating time (10 to 20 min) 
  • Superior energy efficiency 
  • Low operational and maintenance costs 

3 Technologies – 1 Integrated System

Integrated Waste Treatment System—IWTS

The IWTS is a new approach to the treatment of biodegradable organic wastes, wastewater sludges, dairy and hog manures, and macerated food wastes—essentially any biodegradable, organic slurry. IWTS consists of three components in series, anchored by a patented, commercial-scale microwave system, known as MW-AOP-a patented microwave advanced oxidation process. The other two technologies are an innovative struvite (Phosphorus) recovery system and a two-phase anaerobic digestion (AD) system. The MW-AOP makes the struvite crystallization process (fertilizer) more efficient and allows for a faster methane production rate and a higher methane content in the biogas produced.   

These other technologies compliment MW-AOP and embedding them as part of the integrated treatment system fundamentally changes the practice of waste treatment and management, for wastewater treatment plants, agricultural and food organics industries. 

IWTS represents a ‘package approach’ to biodegradable organic waste management, and is a portable add-on technology, that is modular, scalable, and can be housed in a 20 ft. container. 

This IWTS provides annual savings in chemicals, sludge disposal, operations and maintenance costs plus revenue from the sale of fertilizer and methane gas.

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