Revolutionary Technology in Sludge Management

Agriculture Waste

Join the growing nutrient recovery movement with triple bottom line solutions that lead to a sustainable tomorrow.

An effective technology package which can recover excess nutrients from the farm site, to ensure sustainability and protect the environment.

Up to 90% of phosphorus solubilization from dairy manure for struvite recovery

Sustainable Manure Management Solutions

  • Cost-effectively solve nutrient management challenges  
  • Recover more nutrients like P&N from slurry 
  • Reduce the volume of manure for disposal by up to 60% 
  • Efficiently recover renewable phosphorus for a fully managed, guaranteed revenue stream as a valuable fertilizer 
  • Produce more biogas for further use or sale 
  • Divert excess nutrients away from land application 
  • Conserve and protect natural resources 
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and gain carbon credits 

Installation of an integrated waste treatment system (MW-AOP, Struvite Crystallization, Anaerobic Digestion) at a dairy farm would generate net revenues annually. For example, a dairy farm housing 120 lactating cows, could generate up to 19 tonnes of struvite per year, thus diverting about 2.7 tonnes of excess phosphorus from land application. Additional environmental benefits include preventing excess nutrient build up in the soil, balanced crop nutrition and less eutrophication of water bodies. In addition, approximately 1700 tonnes of CO2 equivalent/year of greenhouse gas emissions would be reduced. On the whole, a positive impact on nutrient management and energy production on dairy farms can be realized.

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