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Proven, Scalable and Commercially Ready


Proven, Scalable and Commercially Ready

James Wastewater Treatment Plant

Abbotsford, BC (2017-2020)

The James Wastewater Treatment Plant is the third largest secondary treatment plant in British Columbia, Canada. The Integrated Waste Treatment System (IWTS) has been under pilot-plant study at the James WWTP over the last 4 years. The project was a partnership between the University of British Columbia, the City of Abbotsford and WSP (formerly Opus Int.). The objective of this long-term project was to develop a successful, commercially viable, integrated treatment system, comprised of the MW-AOP system, as a clean-tech, organic solids reduction technology as an anchor, with several co-benefits such as nutrient recovery and bio-energy production.  

Upon completion of the James pilot work, The City decided to move to a full-scale, commercial level demo upgrade for half of the plant flow using IWTS technology (approximately 125K population equivalent). This will allow full- scale optimization and automation, prior to a full plant upgrade. 

Innovative BC Ignite Award Winner:
UBC, Boost Environmental, Opus Intl, and City of Abbotsford - Oct/2017

A schematic of this integrated treatment package approach in a municipal WWTP facility

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